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Belts & Testing

Philosophy of the Belt System








Our Tang Soo Do belt system in its progress from white to black represents the cycle of the seasons. Each color stands for a specific stage of achievement. In this way we realize an essential concept of oriental philosophy. That which is born must grow, reach maturity, die, and leave behind the seeds of new birth.

White Belt represents the seed planted in us by seeking knowledge of the martial art: Tang Soo Do.

Yellow Belt represents the first signs of growth as the seed germinates in the ground.

Orange Belt represents our roots that begin to reveal themselves from the basics of our training; Spring, new growth.

Green Belt represents our minds that are sprouting with newfound ideas and knowledge. Speedy growth and development.

Brown Belt represents the stems of strength through our dedication to Tang Soo Do and our direction in a new way of life. Stability, Power, Wisdom.

Red Belt represents our budding maturity on the quest for a better and total understanding of our responsibilities to Tang Soo Do. Blood, Life, Energy.

Blue Belt represents the fostered leaf of our growth on our climb toward the ultimate goal to become a master.

Black Belt represents the nurtured flower in the ultimate climb and marks us as beginning a new journey as a student and example to others. We are now ready to share our fortune of knowledge with others.

Qualifications for Gup test

Candidates should attend a minimum of 24 classes prior to next gup test (group or private classes) and must exhibit good techniques, attitude, behavior, respect, and abide by school rules at all times.

Qualifications for 1st Dan (Black Belt)

Candidiates must train a minimum of 72 classes (group or private), hold the Cho Dan Bo rank for a minimum period of six months and meet the minimum age requirements, and must also be recommended for testing by his/her instructor.