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Tang Soo Do is a one of a kind traditional Korean martial art that originated approximately over 2,000 years ago in southeastern Asia, Korea.  Superficially Tang Soo Do is a method of empty-hand, foot, and weapon fighting; based on the principles of yielding, circular motion, and penetration. Technically, Tang Soo Do is currently being taught in more than twenty countries.




Literally translated, the word "TANG" refers to the Tang Dynasty of China, which reflects that shared cultural background between China and Korea (approx 617-907 AD). "SOO" means hand, but also implies defensive strike. "DO" means way of life or art. Thus Tang Soo Do is the Korean classical martial art which was influenced by Tang Methodologies.

The ancestral art of Korean Tang Soo Do can be traced back to a time period when Korea was divided into three groups:

• Goguryeo (circa 37 BC) - Northern Korea

• Silla Dynasty (circa 57 BC) - Southeast Peninsula

• Baekje (circa 18 BC)


Finally after a long series of wars, the Silla Dynasty united the three factions in 668 AD. During this time period primitive forms of martial arts were very popular as a method of self-defense in warfare. This is evidenced in the many mural paintings, ruins, and remains that depict Tang Soo Do techniques used then.

Tang Soo Do became increasingly more popular with the military and the general public as time passed.

After World War II in 1945, several martial arts schools were built and the ancestral art was reborn.